One of the most controversial and fascinating characters in the Marvel universe, the infernal creature Spawn It was created way back in 1992 by the famous author Todd McFarlane, who made his name on the American comics scene by relaunching the Spider Man series with the Torment story.

At the beginning of the month, McFarlane, founder and current president of Image Comics has announced the forthcoming return of the comic, and almost simultaneously with that announcement has shared a beautiful artwork of the next chapter of Spawn on Twitter.

One of the first sketches ever made for the original Spawn series was recently presented at an auction organized by Heritage Auctions. The drawing in question had been made for the sixth volume by Marat Mychaels and McFarlane himself. Dating back to 1992, the year of the infernal creature's debut, this artwork is a unique pieceas well as the "oldest" of the series that has ever hit the market.

The official description of the table, from the Heritage Auctions website, reports: "This image of Spawn with Malebolgia in the background represents McFarlane's first collaboration with another artist about his cursed anti-hero." As you can see from the image, which you find at the bottom of the page, in addition to the editorial details, on the lower edge are the signatures of Mychaels and McFarlane, which undoubtedly increase the value of the design, kept in excellent condition.

We also remind you that projects regarding animated films about the character of Spawn could be announced soon.

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