Star Comics announces Strix: a project by author Licia Troisi

Surprisingly, Edizioni Star Comics yesterday resolved its reservations and announced the new project of Licia Troisi, the famous author of the Chronicles of the Emerging World. As if that wasn't enough, the new series bears the title Strixwas born from a collaboration between the manga world and the live action universe. Here are all the details!

After the recent publication of his new book, The bold beauty of the cosmosThe best-selling fantasy writer is ready to embark on an ambitious new project. However, to accompany his creative spirit, there will be exceptional employees for an exceptional format for the Italian market: it is actually a multimedia narrative in two parts, a live action and a manga mini-series.

The real-life version of Strix is ​​currently being edited by Paco Cinematografica in collaboration with Gray head productions, while the paper counterpart 2021 is distributed by Star Comics, which contains the summary of the work:

"Fate will embroil Gaea in an incredible endeavor that will lead her to uncover her connection to a mythical place believed to be lost forever: Atlantis is far from fatally sunk in the sea . is looking for and who is keeping it a secret and Gea will have to discover her role in this story. "

The author also took the opportunity to express her thoughts on the project through a comment that follows:

"For me it is certainly a new adventure, but also the fulfillment of a path of approaching comics that I have taken with great pleasure in recent years. I also feel very indebted for my production. I feel honored that I can give it back in some way with a story that thrives on these atmospheres and this type of narrative that was so important to my education. "

For more details, please refer to the press release published by the publisher, available from the link to the source.

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