When it comes to Dragon Ball fighters, you immediately think of it Goku or Vegeta as the best warriors there is. Likewise Broly is high on the fan list, but given its sheer potential, it might be best to take it too Gohan. Especially when it comes out Dragon Ball Super: superhero.

Dragon Ball Z had made it clear that Goku's son was a real beast on the battlefield, but he has chosen to trade his life in battle for an academic career.

However, thanks to a new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero poster, fans think Gohan is about to change his reputation. The new poster is from the Dragon Ball official site if you want to see it for yourself.

Just last night the Dragon Ball franchise gave fans a gift by showing off the new movie poster. A small blurb accompanied the post, and there the fans learned more about Gohan's role:

"With their fluttering coats, Area 1 and Range 2 can be seen in some great poses! Plus, there are some new original characters that we have to wait for and find out more, as difficult as it may be! In his uniform Gohan is at the center of the stagewho seems to be preparing for the struggle of life together with Piccolo, Goku, Vegeta and Pan! ".

As you can read, the blurb keeps things vague, however Be sure to mention Gohan himself. This is pretty important as fans weren't even sure if the hero was going to show up until this poster was released.

It looks like Gohan will play an important role given his presence on the poster, and his daughter Pan will join him. Of course, it is not known who Gohan will fight, but it appears that he isArmy of the Red Ribbon to manipulate the storylines.

Fans are excited to see how this new threat will motivate Gohan, especially since we haven't seen him that often in Dragon Ball Super. Gohan has definitely toned down in the last few years compared to its peak, but this movie could change all that. If so, Dragon Ball fans would be thrilled.

What do you think of this latest article on Gohan's role in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? Do you think this film does Gohan justice? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. We remind you that new information about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero may arrive at Jump Festa 2022.

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