Lucca Comics and Games 2020 has been changed to Lucca Changes to meet the new challenges of the pandemic. However, if one thing does not change, this is the announcement of the publishers at this time. Edizioni Star Comics starts the line-up for 2021.

Star Comics is kicking off its Lucca event with some great returns.

  • What is michael The Miao Edition, consisting of 8 volumes, will be published in March 2021;
  • Shaman King Final Edition, consisting of 35 volumes, will appear in April 2021;
  • The 25th anniversary edition of Card Captor Sakura, consisting of 9 volumes, will be published in May 2021.

We'll then move on to more popular titles that come from ONE PIECE, My Hero Academia, and Dragon Ball. The brands are expanding thanks to spin-offs, novels and anime comics.

  • A PIECE of Stampede RomanSingle volume available in March 2021;
  • ONE PIECE Stampede Anime Comics, consisting of 2 volumes, will be released in May 2021.
  • Super Dragon Ball Heroes - Mission in the dark demonic world, consisting of 3 current volumes, will be published in May 2021;
  • My Hero Academia The Film: Two Heroes Anime Comics, single volume available in April 2021.

Star Comics then focuses on the world for girls and brings with it numerous shojo and LGBTIQ + manga.

  • Akagami no Shirayuki-Hime, consisting of 22 current volumes, will appear in April 2021;
  • The living room Matsunaga-san, consisting of 9 running volumes, will make its debut in May 2021.
  • I married a girl to silence my parents. A single volume will be available in April 2021.
  • My genderless friend, consisting of 3 running volumes, will debut in August 2021.
  • Life - Camminando sulla linea, single volume available June 2021;
  • My son is probably gay, consisting of 3 running volumes, will be released in April 2021.

Finally, Star Comics revealed two more announcements: the first is Sweet paprika, a miniseries by Mirka Andolfo that will be released this spring. The second is one of the brand new titles from Weekly Shonen Jump or the manga Mashle by Hajime Komoto. Currently in progress with three volumes, Mashle will debut in fall 2021.

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