Saint Seiya: Sasha is the stunning reincarnation of Athena in the TPA studio character

Holy Seiya is an immortal franchise, a title that, despite its age, continues to be considered a young and contemporary series. In fact, several generations are still growing together today with the adventures of the Knights of the Zodiac, who have tacitly contributed to the protection of humanity since the past.

Thanks to the extraordinary success of the work, new projects inspired by the franchise emerge from time to time, even if not all of them are able to meet the expectations of an extremely discerning audience regarding the masterpiece of Masami KurumadaJust think of the controversial remake of the anime from Netflix, which failed to convince the community due to some particularly questionable decisions.

Even so, some like productions The lost canvas Instead, they helped reveal interesting details of the past through the story of charismatic and fascinating characters, most notably the 18th century reincarnation of Athena. In this regard, the fascinating thing Sasha was recently the protagonist of a scale reproduction of TPA Studio. The magnificent model in question, 53 cm high, can be admired at the end of the news and is proposed to the public on the Internet an important figure of 495 euros. In any case, the attention to detail and the rendering of the statuette still kept fans of the series very happy.

And you what do you think about this model from Sasha, do you like it? Let us know with a comment in the appropriate box below.

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