For years, Crunchyroll has carved a place in the world of anime and is becoming a beacon for those who love the Land of the Rising Sun series. Month after month he continued to grow by focusing on different souls, but also offering his own Crunchyroll originalslike tower of god or god of high school.

With the purchase of the platform by Sony, Crunchyroll is celebrating a new milestone. The portal, available in most of the world, has actually confirmed that it has reached four million subscribers, an increase of one million from July 2020 when it had declared it had three. A very high number besides that of over 70 million registered users was announced a few months ago.

But that’s not all: this number is celebrated by the arrival of a new unreleased project. Crunchyroll will work with Idris and Sabrina Elba to bring Dantai, a dark fantasy animated series. In addition to the streaming portal, Green Door Pictures and Pink Towel Pictures, the companies of the two Elba spouses, will take part in the production. Dantai’s summary is as follows:

“The afro-futuristic science fiction series is still in development and will be set in a city where the rise of biotechnology has increased the inequalities between owner and owner. Two stars from either side make their rise and division against each other in a story that eventually It will examine equality and attachment in a corrupt society“.

Dantai will manage to establish itself? For a few weeks now, Crunchyroll has been announcing which series are seen most frequently in the various countries of the European Union.

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