Before the anime by di Jujutsu Kaisen The first few episodes of the anime featured many of the less relevant characters in the story of Yuji Itadori, and among them one in particular seems to have caught the attention of a fan who decided to give it a great cosplay.

This is the rank 1 wizard Kento Nanami, acted as a supervisor during some of the protagonist's missions to improve his mastery of his powers. Like many other wizards and teachers at the Tokyo Institute of Occult Arts, Nanami has a unique personality who appears cold, aloof, and capable Separate sentimentality from work and dutywhich makes him a particularly dangerous opponent.

To pay tribute to Nanami, the user @ chameleahn.cos shared the pictures that you can find below on social media. Perfectly recreating the design developed by Akutami, complete with glasses, leopard print tie and the little cleaver he uses as his main weapon.

What do you think of this beautiful and loyal homage to one of Yuji's mentors? Let us know with a comment below. Recall that after the events of chapter 137 it looks like we will soon see a conflict between two protagonists and we leave you to a video showing the true power of Panda.

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A contribution from Leah (@ chameleahn.cos)

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