The anime adaptation of Spy x family continues to find favor with the public, who now "adore" the Forger family and look forward to the release of new episodes. Even the supporting characters of Tatsuya Endo's work are discussed. As of May 2022, we already have the most hated character of the year.

In Spy x Family 1x04, counterfeiters face a test of high elegance. The day Loid prepared Yor and Anya for has come and the trio must goEden College to face the interview that will decide the fate of Operation Strix.

When they arrive in the institute's courtyard, Loid feels he is being watched. All candidates are observed in the shadows by the school's teachers. After several successfully passed tests, the counterfeiters appear three caretakers of Eden. However, one of them is particularly averse to them. By the way, did you know that the fakers had to be different in the original Spy x Family character designs?

The caretaker of the second dormitory recently got divorced and sees the "new" Forger family with evil eyes. According to attacked in the first person Yorwho accused her of not being able to cook and therefore not being a good wife and mother, and even Anya who She bursts into tears as she remembers her birth mother, unleashes the wrath of Loid, who almost forgets the mission. When the indignant counterfeiters leave, the caretaker cashes his "elegant" colleague in the face.

The fourth episode of Spy x Family has already given us that, according to several users most hated anime character of 2022. And you, do you agree or do you think there are much worse characters out there?

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