In March, it ended up on the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump dr Stone, an extremely popular manga written by Riichiro Inagami and drawn by Boichi. Chapter 232 concluded a work that had been published for 5 years, and the two authors therefore parted ways to start new exciting projects.

Boichi's new manga has already ended due to a "sad event". Riichiro Inagami collaborates with Ryoichi Ikegami to the manga trillion game. Given the fantastic combination of combat and science, Dr. However, Stone's legacy is important to the world of the shonen. In addition, the unfinished Dr. Stone anime occasionally brings new readers closer to the manga who are eager to discover the ending of the story.

So thanks to the push of the anime dr Stone's manga has surpassed 13 million copies circulation. A surprising milestone that we hear about through @'s tweet.somoskudasai, which includes the 26 volumes of Dr. Stone brings to the Olympus of manga. That however, the number of copies in circulation seems to want to increasegiven the continuation of the anime and the number of fans in continuous growth.

dr Stone's conclusion, performed in March, he didn't know how to get everyone to agree. But on the other hand, it has never come to an end, but that has absolutely not detracted from the high value of the work in general, which all lovers of fighting shonen should read.

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