The anime of Spy x family continues to entertain and delight the community with every new episode released. This time, the series produced by WIT Studio and CloverWorks adapted one of the cutest scenes related to the character of Anya.

After the unsuccessful and disastrous first day of school, a peace mission begins in Spy x Family 1x07. Dad Loid, he wants this Anya apologizes to Damian Desmondclassmate who was slapped in the face by the child.

Damian was supposed to be the key that was supposed to get Twilight to meet her prey, Donovan, but because of that fierce gesture from Anya, this possibility has disappeared. The little girl, thanks to her telepathic abilities, knows how important it is for her father to get along with Damian, and when she returns to Eden College, she tries to apologize in any way she can. Despite Becky's obstacles, Anya eventually manages to talk to Damian. It's not the first time Anya's scream has moved Spy x Family fans, but this scene where The little forger opens her heartconquered the community.

While trying to apologize to Damian, Anya hears the thoughts of her two inseparable friends, filling her with malice. Next sorry for the hitHer sweet Anya tearfully apologizes for her short legs. And you, what was your reaction to that scene?

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