The war between heroes and villains has a first verdict: Shoto has defeated Dabi, one of the most difficult opponents of the faction led by All For One. However, as word spreads on the battlefield, the boys are in Class 1-A's My hero academy You are shocked by a brutal revelation.

When Shoto finally succeeds defeat his brother Toya, Burnin tells everyone else about the outcome of the fight. The news reaches All Might, Bakugo and his father Endeavour, among others, proving that the true strength of the heroes of My Hero Academia lies in unity. The news also reaches Spinner, who has surprising powers in My Hero Academia 353. But when Pinky gets the message, too, we find out a bitter truth.

Chapter 353 takes us back to first ever war between heroes and villains, a tragic fight that claimed the lives of dozens of professionals. Midnight, a Yuei professor and the fandom's most popular heroine, was also found dead when she was rushed by a group of petty villains. Finally, we discover the perpetrator of this murder.

A battle is taking place outside of the Gigantomachy containment facility Pinky and Red Riot. Here, the two young Class 1-A heroes are surprised by a revelation from an enemy. In the midst of the clashes, a villain lets out a phrase that can't help but anger those present.

The antagonist, whose name we don't yet know, wears a skull-shaped mask and claims that the heroes are crushed by the villains, just like this UA high school professor did. The reference to midnight it's obvious, and Mina Ashido is stunned by what she just heard. Will they be able to avenge their late teacher?

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