Eiichiro Oda's hometown, Kumamoto, a Japanese city on the island of Kyushu, is the protagonist of a new beautiful initiative aimed at celebrating the success of ONE PIECE. The capital of Kumamoto Prefecture unveils the tenth statue dedicated to Luffy's Mugiwara crew!

On the occasion of 25th anniversary of the series and ONE PIECE DayKumamoto City wanted to once again pay homage to Eiichiro Oda, the legendary local author. After a countdown, the local authorities removed the veils and dedicated the church Jinbe bronze statuethe Fishman Whale Shark who recently joined the Straw Hat Pirates crew as a helmsman.

The sculpture, life-size and made entirely of bronze, shows the pirate sitting on the ground He raises a cup of sake to the visitors. After the dedication of the stuatua, a musical band played live ONE PIECE themed music for those in attendance. When placing the monument, a beautiful one was presented Illustration created ad hoc by Eiichiro Oda. As you can see from the tweet below, the color sketch, which has the author's signature and the date of the inauguration, is of the same statue and shows Jinbe's large face on the "O" of ONE PIECE.

We remind you there are more statues in Kumamoto, also in bronze and 1:1 scale, dedicated to the other crew members. In 2019, the city inaugurated the Usopp statue, while in 2020 the statue of Luffy Kumamoto brought in record revenue due to the large turnout of passionate visitors to the work.

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