Fiona Frost made her debut in the 20th episode of the anime Spy x Family, first as Loid's co-worker in the hospital and later when she revealed her identity Secret agent of WISE. What is his goal and what does his rise mean for the Forger family?

Fiona is the new protagonist of the second Cours of Spy x Family and her mask falls off in the twenty-first episode of the series. The woman, cold as stone and unflappable, is actually a WISE spy who, like Twilgiht, has infiltrated Ostania. His new mission is to help Twilight with Operation Strix, but Nightfall, as he is codenamed, has much more up his sleeve. It's his real goal replaces Yor as the mother of the Forger family.

Fiona shows up at the forgers' house with an apology and officially introduces herself to Yor as her husband Loid's workmate. Shortly after the two women were alone together, Loid and Anya also return home, who thanks to her powers immediately discovers Fiona's secret identity. The little girl then discovers something shocking that this emotionless woman actually is madly in love with Twilightwhich she taught during her apprenticeship.

Nightfall's attempts prove ineffective, with the Counterfeiting family proving more united and connected than ever. Fiona Frost isn't one to drop the bone easily, however, and will soon return to the offensive to win the heart of her beloved Twilight.

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