Episode 276 of Boruto ushered in a new original mini-story arc identified with the name maze game. In this unreleased manga saga, young Uzumaki is captured aboard a Fulmitreno and subjected to a series of deadly tests in a squid-style game.

The survivors of the first experiment, in Boruto 277 You are facing the second test of Ouga Maze Game. Before the start, however, the participants find out that spies are hiding among them in the pay of the mad grandfather who organizes the game.

The second game that will decide which of the participants will live and which will die is that of "Light". Boruto and the others each get a candlewhich, when it expires, will also herald the end of the owner's life.

By stealing a candle from another competitor, it is possible to double the chances of survival, but Boruto encourages his companions to find a way out of the game together. L'Ouga's deadly experiment is finally not resolved without problems and sacrifices, with two more trials to face before attaining salvation.

Meanwhile in Konoha Sarada and Mitsuki are concerned since Boruto is late. After a brief investigation, they discover that the Fulmitreno their teammate was traveling on has vanished into thin air and manage to identify and interrogate one of those responsible for the accident. In Episode 278, will the two members of Team 7 be able to access the maze of Ouga games and save Boruto?

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