Dragon Ball great continues to have a strong impact on TOEI Animation's sales as it is still one of the Japanese animation giant's flagship titles. Thanks to the economic revenues from the franchise, the studio was able to continue working on the saga with new animation projects.

According to the little information that has surfaced so far, the web anime, which is set to be announced in the first half of December, will not be related to Dragon Ball Super. We'll have to wait a few more days to discover this mysterious title, but some rumors are already circulating on the web.

One of them shared by DBS Chroniclesconfirmation the involvement of Akira Toriyama. It would be a partial and not drastic participation, in line with the other projects, a kind of monitoring, to be clear. However, the source takes the opportunity to clarify one last point, namely that The web anime, which will debut in 2023, will not be filler but somehow related to the main work. Also in this case we just have to wait for official news for all the confirmations and denials of the case, but let us know your opinions on this in the section dedicated to the comments.

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