The fourth season of The attack of the giants It literally started with a bang amid a war between the nation of Marley and the Middle Eastern Front. However, the political atmosphere outlined by Hajime Isayama that prevails in these first episodes is marred by the controversies from the technical and visual fields.

That Studio MAPPA is not sailing in good waters seems to be an increasingly consistent fear as details of the anime's production become known. Between poorly working animators, the low availability of freelancers and the many projects MAPPA supports, sooner or later the studio will have to deal with the end result, which is overall more than satisfactory and whose problems have not yet arisen. announced. Of course we're only in the second episode, but the quality of the CGI is currently above average, mostly thanks to the Studio V sign, the computer graphics company.

However, someone expressed disappointment with the anime it presented compared to the trailer Changes in the visual fieldespecially when handing over the giants. In the clip found at the top of the page, you can check out the differences that exist between the first episode and the same scenes from the promotional video that aired a few months ago. On the other hand, despite all the excitement against MAPPA, it's only right to spend a spear in favor of the studio, as the anime's director had already honestly warned fans on the occasion of the video's release that The Attack of the Giants 4 commercials were ad has been mounted hoc. And therefore in the course of the transfer the Differences between the episodes and the trailer will only increaseFor this reason, it is not possible to use promotional material as a comparison method for the overall quality of the animated adaptation.

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