The divine power of Eida rewrote the story of Kawaki in chapter 79 of Boruto. Kishimoto's manga series surprised readers with a crucial and sensational twist, but what will happen now that Naruto's son has become the villain? The first are beginning to circulate on the web Spoilers for Boruto 80appears on the 20th.

There chapter cover, that you will find at the end of the article is dedicated to Sarada Uchiha, who will play a crucial role in the pages written by Kishimoto. Boruto's escape continues, however Shikamaru will ask Eida if it really was the boy who killed Naruto. Kawaki will take Eida by the collar and force her to answer in the affirmative. Shikamaru will therefore make a public announcement stating that Boruto killed Naruto.

At this news, Sarada will collapse on the ground while Mitsuki will continue chasing his former best friend. Eida asks Kawaki why he went so far. The boy reiterates that he will kill Boruto and then free Naruto.

Sarada will meet her father Sasuke, who has also fallen under the influence of Eida's omnipotence. L'The only other person unaffected by this ability is Sumire. Young Kunoichi explains what happened to Sarada and says that only they can save Boruto's life, who meanwhile faces off against Team 10.

Sarada tries desperately to convince her father, but Sasuke doesn't seem to want to hear a reason. However when Sarada unlocks her Mangekyo SharinganSasuke seems convinced by his daughter's words.

Sasuke reaches Boruto and takes him away and tells him how he thinks his first meeting with Kawaki happened and how they defeated Momoshiki together. But Sasuke says he doesn't trust his memories since his forehead guard is in Boruto's hands. He also trusts Sarada's words and is willing to risk his life to fulfill her wishes.

Boruto will smile and say he did it inherited the will of fire from his father, his mother and grandfather. In the final pages of the chapter, Boruto prepares for a new training that will allow him to become stronger and defeat Kawaki. Meanwhile, Code plots his revenge.

The Chapter 80 of Boruto will give the work a momentary point. In fact, no new chapter will be released in the month of May. The Boruto manga will return in August 2023 after a three-month hiatus. Kishimoto is actually working on the Naruto manga prequel with Minato as the protagonist.

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