In Dragon Ball Super, the story arc of Super Hero began, which is a saga that aims to adapt and make the events of the movie "manga canon". Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes. Bandai Figuarts Zero Gohan Beasts anticipates Makankosappo with a stunning new collectible statue.

If Broly returns in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 92 spoilers for the new ones Transformations that will characterize Gohan and Piccolo in the next sagas of the manga is still early. To anticipate the times and show all the beauty of Gohan's exclusive form, with which he will help Goku and Vegeta fight Black Freeza, Bandai introduces a new explosive merch.

For the Figuart's zero linea series of inarticulate figurines of high artistic and aesthetic level, made of the highest quality materials and carefully crafted down to the smallest detail, Bandai starts the Collectible statue dedicated to Gohan Beast.

In this very valuable piece, intended for collectors and sold at the consideration price of around 80 euros, Gohan Beast hurls the mighty Makankosappo ending his battle with Cell Max. The statuette can be pre-ordered as early as April 21, but deliveries will begin in September 2023.

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