Marvel announced all the details on the Spider-Man relaunch which will start in April next year. After readers were mesmerized with a Spider-Man promotional image showing a distraught Peter Parker, the first details of the story were also revealed, as were theIdentity of the new writer of Amazing Spider-Man.

Zeb Wells will be the writer relaunching the magazine along with illustrator John Romita Jr Spider-Man, which will start at number 1. Wells, like Romita Jr., is an old acquaintance of Spider-Man readers: in fact, his stories feature the popular "scale."

In Spider-Man's relaunch, Peter Parker will come into conflict with the Fantastic Four, the Avengers and even Aunt May. After being guilty of a mysterious accident, Spider-Man must contend with Doctor Octopus, while the menace of Lapide looms over the city.

"Spider-Man doesn't turn sixty every year"says Nick Lowe, editor of Spider-Man."We intend to go big with this run and showcase the greatest WTF moments Spidey has ever seen. Zeb and JRJR will go down in history as one of the greatest creative teams of all time".

"I've been waiting to work with John Romita Jr. since the beginning of my career."tells Wells."To be able to work with him on Amazing Spider-Man for the 60th anniversary is more exciting than words can describe. It's going to be a bomb!".

Marvel's announcement was also accompanied by some preview pages that we propose below. The appointment with Amazing Spider-Man #1 is slated for April 2022, following the finale of Beyond Era, which is currently on, and which will see Peter Parker and Ben Reilly face off.

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