The lives of some Marvel superheroes were turned upside down after reading the pages of Darkhold, the mysterious demonic book that also recently appeared in the Disney + Wandavision franchise (this is where we take stock of the situation on the Darkhold) . Among these superheroes is Peter Parker, who is located catapulted into a creepy reality.

Darkhold: Spider-Man # 1, written by Alex Paknadel and illustrated by Dio Neves, introduces us an alternate world where Peter Parker married Gwen Stacy. Although Spider-Man's first love still lives in this reality, it is not just roses in Peter Parker's life: the world is indeed ravaged by a disaster called "Unraveling", "Disaficmento", exactly to that Dissolution of buildings and even people.

Basically a world held together by Spider-Man's webs, populated by people who are literally falling apart. transform into zombie-like creatures. The story of Darkhold: Spider-Man # 1 emerges as a result of the events of The Darkhold Alpha # 1, which was released in September 2021, has been dedicated other heroes who read Darkhold's pages: Iron Man, Blade, Black Bolt and Wasp.

The event will conclude with Darkhold: Omega # 1, which will be released in January 2022. The US market release of Darkhold: Spider-Man # 1 is instead scheduled for December 22nd, but thanks to the preview published by Marvel Comics, which we report on below, it's already possible to get a taste of the story.

The popularity of Spider-Man seems unstoppable: Although the character has just returned to the cinemas with No Way Home, the first details of Spider-Man 4 are already trickling in.

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