It was long ago Yasuie died in ONE PIECE. Introduced in a seemingly accidental manner, the old man turned out to be far more important than expected, both for his past and for what he then leaves to the Allied faction. Yasuie is the first to die for Wano's freedom.

The character was actually a daimyo who helped Oden Kozuki for a long time and then suffered the ruin of his country with the arrival of Orochi and Kaido. The manga of ONE PIECE had told its story, but the new Vivre Card volumes deal with some aspects of him.

One of the first important pieces of information the data book reveals is this Yasuie has never had a SMILE before. The artificial devil fruit created by Kaido brings the eternal smile to those who are unfortunate enough not to acquire the powers. It was initially believed that Yasuie always laughed at the SMILE, as did the rest of the village. The reality is very different: Yasuie, unlike the other residents of the remaining village, has never had a SMILE, and for this reason she only smiles to convey calm to everyone around her.

The second important aspect of Yasuie is this Toko is not his birth daughter. The little girl lost her parents before the story began and was then adopted by the ex-daimyo. Eventually, Oda reveals that in the flashbacks, the character first had to wear a Hyottoko mask on his head, which represented his future face. This is because Yasuie's appearance was based on the masks and their expressions.

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