Japanese publishers have been trying to take action against illegal manga scans for several years. This phenomenon, which proliferated in the second half of the 2000s with the increasing consumption of content via the Internet, is now at the heart of the goals of shueisha and other Japanese publishers.

And it's Shueisha who's busy this time. On the one hand, as Manga Plus continues to grow, on the other hand, websites must be prevented from reusing or translating these scans, thus avoiding the emergence of an alternative market to the legal market. This time NHK confirms that it was the goal a Spanish communications and marketing company whose name has not been released, but who provides advertisements for a website that makes money from at least 27 pirated manga.

The company complied with Shueisha's request, which eliminates ad support for this illegal scanning site. This is the first time a Japanese publisher has taken direct action against a foreign advertiser, according to NHK. It seems, therefore, that Shueisha is employing an even broader strategy against the various sides, targeting not only the Anglo-American sides but also those in other languages.

Meanwhile, with the support of Viz Media, attacks on other sites continue.

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