in the ONE PIECE many things happened. Some are known to everyone, others only to a small group of people. And then there are those mysteries that are never revealed, especially to the protagonist, such as one of the main events of Thriller Bark, which starred Kuma Bartholomew and the swordsman Roronoa Zoro.

The former member of the fleet of seven has set himself on the ship island Gecko Moria with the task of catching the pirate with the straw hat. After the fight with the gecko, the protagonist of ONE PIECE was exhausted and the only one who could withstand the blast was Zoro. The swordsman has made such a pact with Kuma Bartholomew.

This extracted all the pain Luffy was feeling and made Zoro feel it, promising to leave everyone alone if the swordsman could resist. Once the rehearsal is over, Zoro will stand motionless and bloodied in front of everyone and say "Nothing happened". A scene that proves its strength and was therefore taken as a model for this one Statuette of Zoro from Thriller Barkstand and bleed.

It's certainly a way to remember one of the most epic scenes from ONE PIECE.

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