For the manga by Black clover It's time to get closer to the end of the story. Yuki Tabata, after a long break of more than three months, has decided to start the final saga, which immediately began with the confrontation between the protagonist and the antagonist. Those first few chapters were recently condensed into a new tankobon.

The cover of Black Clover Volume 33 sees Asta and Yuno in the background while in the center stands Sister Lily, the protagonist of some chapters against her will. And what's underneath? As usual, Japanese covers have a different design on the bottom. The mangaka has decided to dedicate this space in black and white only to the protagonist.

This time Asta shows up alone with the new post-timeskip outfit and physique. The left shoulder is always covered by the Black Bull cloak, while the demonic right arm was covered by armguards and straps. As the title on the top left suggests, this is Black Clover's final declaration, which will lead Asta to defeat his newest enemy and eventually become the magical emperor of the Clover kingdom. you like this one Sub cover of Volume 33 by Black Clover?

Thanks to this volume, Black Clover has almost twenty million copies printed in Japan.

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