Given the many characters on the battlefield, the officers of the two factions will play an extremely important role. We know the League of Villain led by All for One well, as they are the same criminals who corner the protagonists My hero academy from the first narrative arcs.

So far, the fights have focused on a few characters, such as Dabi, the old body of All for One, and then the super villain in the body of Tomura Shigaraki. Spinner fights too, one of the characters that All for One has been very close to lately. The gecko had appeared briefly in a few tables a few chapters ago, but in My Hero Academia 369 he is the protagonist of the cliffhanger.

Just as All for One is in danger, a transformed and wilder weirdo seems to sense something from afar. Once again, it was proposed in this version with a still-unknown quirk that enhanced its physical abilities. Given his role as a bodyguard, Spinner is likely to have a quirk that also allows him to sense his master's moments of weakness and thus He will do something that gives his faction an advantage.

It is discovered in My Hero Academia 370 and returns this week after a hiatus.

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