The world of VTubers is slowly growing and apparently Shueisha does not want to miss the chance to benefit from the popularity of her heroines. In fact, an interesting poll appeared on the last pages of the weekly that seems to anticipate the arrival of many virtual YouTubers. Taken directly from the masterpieces of Shonen Jump.

The survey in question is visible at the end of the article and is included in issue 14. Fans can fill out the questionnaire and send the answer sheet to the editor, even if the editor is she has not gave the reason why she is so interested in virtual YouTubers.

The first question is "How often do you watch VTubers?"and you can answer by choosing a number between 1 and 5, where 1 is" ​​A lot "and 5 is" I don't know who you are. "The second question asks you to choose up to three VTubers from an exhaustive one List where the currently most popular is while the third asks "Would you like to follow a Shonen Jump VTuber?"The questionnaire ends with question number four, where Readers are asked what the VTuber should do during the broadcasts. Various options are available in the list, such as: B. Read stories, sing, play video games, rate fanart and much more.

The intentions of Shonen Jump therefore seem clear, and given the popularity of Nezuko, Nami, Noelle, Ochaco, and all the other heroines, it's natural to open up to the world of the VTubers and maybe take on the same voice actors as the anime Series.

And what do you think about it How is your relationship with VTubers? Do you follow them? Let us know in the comments! As for Shonen Jump, have you had the chance to check out the critically acclaimed Monster # 8 series? We remind you that the manga can be viewed free of charge on MangaPlus and that the new chapters are published every Thursday at 4:00 p.m.

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