Dr. Stone is a unique Shonen, and citing the words of producer Shusuke Katagiri, we could even say that it is one of the few cases where instead of fighting, We managed to make the public fall in love thanks to science. The series is also hugely popular in Japan, where it recently went viral thanks to a contribution from a young fan.

As you can see below Japanese user Sumio spoke about his son's obsession with the Inagaki seriesShare notes copied from the child's notes. Apparently the son wanted to know the name of a medicine I had been taking some time ago, and since he could not read the kanji, he decided to write the entire chemical composition on a piece of paper.

The parents copied the notes and turned to the Internet for help in quickly finding the answer. ""It's great that he's interested in science at this age"commented a user"will surely have a bright future!"The post went viral with nearly 100,000 likes and tens of thousands of retweets and comments, which is no surprise given that There aren't many kids of 5 or 6 who are interested in similar subjects.

Dr. Stone really is a series for everyone, and the season two numbers currently airing on Crunchyroll seem to back it up. The series is the third most popular of the season after Attack of the Giants 4 and The Promised Neverland 2Not bad considering the competition from Horimiya, Re: Zero 2 and Vita da Slime. To find out more, you can check out our preview of Dr. Stone: Watch Stone Wars.

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