There is no doubt that Virtual YouTubers on YouTube are slowly gaining popularity around the world, especially in Japan. Working with virtual talent boosts multimedia projects a lot, and people even flock to donate blood if one of them sponsors the occasion. Given this popularity, some companies are broadening their horizons, and one of them is this Shonen Jump editorial team from Shueisha.

A poll published in the latest issue was published by a Twitter user asking the general public how they felt about the Virtual YouTubers industry.

«How often do you watch Virtual YouTubers? What's your favorite virtual YouTuber? Would you check out a Shonen Jump Virtual YouTuber? What content would you like to see?»Are the interesting questions included in the distributed survey?

Apparently, the department has not thought of making its intentions subtle since then The third question asks readers directly if they would be interested in a virtual YouTuber dedicated to the magazine series. They're clearly trying to figure out what type of content is best for their readers, but how much overlap is Shonen Jump readers and Virtual YouTubers viewers? Maybe we'll find out in the near future.

What does that mean? Will we ever get a Nezuko, Nami or Ochako in Virtual YouTuber form? Either way, if an anime character reads us a new Shonen Jump manga every week, it is very likely that a lot of viewers will be ready to watch it.

Source: SoraNews24

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