Today is the Japanese portal Oricon shared a list of numbers corresponding to the sales volume of the top ten best-selling manga series for a period from January to May. The list has taken into account the physical and digital formats of each title, regardless of the publisher who distributes them.

10. One piece (2,573,010 copies sold).

9. kingdom (2,596,395 copies sold).

8th. Haikyuu !! (2,944,002 copies sold).

7th Boku not a hero academy (3,045,057 copies sold).

6th Yakusoku no never land (3,191,416 copies sold).

5. Chainsaw man (4,181,650 copies sold).


Four. Shingeki no Kyojin (4,635,754 copies sold).


3rd Tokyo Revengers (5,007,825 copies sold).


two. Jujutsu Kaisen (23,797,483 copies sold).


1. Kimetsu no yaiba (26,351,483 copies sold).


Fountain: Oricon


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