The connection between Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha was troubled and one of the cornerstones of the entire manga about the blonde ninja. In the end, however, after having overcome so many obstacles, Naruto managed to restore and strengthen that relationship with his best friend. We've always seen what Naruto thinks, but what are they Thoughts of Sasuke?

in the Sasuke Shinden we get that answer. The easy novel of the world of Naruto sees Uchiha as its protagonist, who indulges in a long inner monologue in which he explains a little about his thoughts and feelings. "I am part of Naruto's world. I am happy to exist. The warmth it gives off is like what I once felt from my family. I feel like I really do exist in this world. The connections to mine Family, love. "

Sasuke then goes on to unearth the relationship with vengeance that kept him going for a long time: "Vengeance supported me. At the same time, it devoured me. Hate ran like poison in my blood and I killed all my other feelings." And when I turned to stone, he kindled the fire in my heart again, and I chose a new path. A path that leads from the past into the future. "

There are many easy novel of the world of Naruto Post-war, like the one with Sasuke and Sakura protagonists. The Uchiha also gets glimpses of Boruto's latest chapters: Naruto the Next Generations, the sequel to the new generation of ninja.

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