A few days ago Goku Day took place, the day on which the protagonist of is celebrated Dragon ballMasako Nozawa, who has been the voice actor for Goku since his debut in 1986, wanted to celebrate him with one of the most important series in manga history, as well as one of the most iconic characters in the world of the Battle Shonen short video.

In the years Nozawa saw Goku's character developHe also voiced his sons Gohan and Goten, father Bardock, and the evil Turles, who first appeared in the movie Dragon Ball Z: The Great Battle for the Fate of the World. Among the meanwhile numerous transformations of Goku, the voice actress decided to do so this year wish him a happy birthday with the characteristic verse of the oozaru form, as seen in the video shared by @aoni_official, which you can find at the bottom of the news.

Although the monkey form has gradually disappeared in the series, it undoubtedly poses one of the greatest and most dangerous threats to many fighters and opponents and wants to celebrate Goku, Nozawa He chose the most powerful that ever appeared in the work, namely the Golden Oozaru, only reachable if you have a queue, and especially if you have reached the third tier of Super Saiyan.

We remind you that the new official Dragon Ball website has been activated, leaving the ranking of the most beautiful acronyms from the original series to Dragon Ball Super.

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