Sailor Moon is a manga that first debuted in the 90s and has become an icon of Japanese pop culture, largely thanks to the creation of an anime. Written by Naoko Takeuchi, the story follows the adventures of a group of girls who They become the Sailor Warriorswho fights against evil to protect the earth.

The manga ended a few years ago and the same goes for the first animated series, which however never fully adapted the original story. For this reason, a project has been embarked on over the past decade that aims to give the manga all the attention it deserves by creating a Sailor Moon anime remake that stays true to Takeuchi's material. And now this series is coming to an end.

After Sailor Moon Crystal and Sailor Moon Eternal, it's time in Japan for Sailor Moon Cosmos, the latest adaptation of young Usagi's story. The film's plot follows the sea warriors as they attempt to save Earth from the final threat. During Anime Japan 2023, there was a panel dedicated to this series, complete with material offered to viewers. And so the Sailor Moon Cosmos trailerwhich adapts the ending of the Shadow Galactica arc.

The film's second trailer is available above, in which Usagi returns as Sailor Moon and is joined by all the Sailor Warriors in this finale. There Sailor Moon Cosmos Part 1 will be shown on June 9, 2023, while the second arrives later in the same month, on June 30th. At the same time came the announcement of the revival of the SuperS and Sailor Stars saga in Japan in free streaming on the Toei Animation Museum channel on Youtube.

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