This review on Vivy: The song of Fluorite Eye Chapters 5 and 6 contain spoilers. If you don't want to have a bad time, it is better that you watch these episodes and then enjoy this review.

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Chapter 5: Sing My Pleasure - To Make You Smile

5 more years have passed and the progress of the AI ​​has been exaggerated. Since Estella and Elizabeth saved the sunrise, AI and the Law of Singularity have managed to create the fantasy that they feel what sacrifice and love are. Such a utopia led to a person marrying an AI. The mission of this episode is to deactivate an island controlled by AI. It won't be an easy mission like any previous one, but this time because the question of emotions and identity returns to us. Vivy is clear about what to do, and it's also clear that in KIs, putting your heart into something doesn't always have poetic meaning.

Chapter 6: Sing My Pleasure - I Love You

We know the happy couple, but also their relationship with the island. When Saeki was very young, his mother left him. His only refuge was Grace's hug and a beautiful song she said to each other to make him smile. Saeki fully understood why Grace couldn't keep control of the island, but she didn't want to let her go. There was a change in plans and her shutdown program was a failure for the mission, but nothing is stopping Vivy from completing the mission. We will see that love is not just a concept and that it is easy to get confused when you are really vulnerable.

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Vivy: Fluorite Eye's song taught us a lot about ourselves in contemporary artificial intelligence thinking. One of the things that we haven't talked about very deeply in previous reviews is memory. These two chapters respond in alternative ways to our doubts about emotions in AIs. Even Vivy couldn't expect that answer. The development of these episodes is possible thanks to Saeki, an engineer and scientist who fell in love with Grace, an artificial intelligence, and who he dreamed of making his wife.

When sunrise crashed and Estella saved the lives of the people who stood next to her sister Elizabeth, the scientists believed that it was possible that the AIs had autonomy and that they were able to serve humanity with the same level of responsibility as a human protect. Grace, the sister of the heroines and nurse AI, was selected for a new experiment that would ultimately endanger humans. Her lover sacrificed her and tried to create another grace to marry, but it wasn't the same.

We have seen Saeki try to save the memories that the original grace had by her side. It was this data that built their relationship, but it was impossible. All that Grace was no longer existed because her dates and mission had changed. Man's memory makes him think and emotional beings. As a German philosopher said, an animal cannot suffer for the past because it is not aware of it, nor can it feel resentment, love or happiness. The experiences we have in the soul and their memory, maybe vague, but I remember in the end, make it possible to build any kind of affection. No matter how identical the object may be, if consciousness is not the same, if life is not the same, it will always be different.

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I am no longer myself

Saeki regains hope when she believes that Grace, something in her, is not lost and struggles to stay who she was. When Vivy enters the island, she is greeted by friendly robots who try to make her feel welcome. We see several attempts by robots to simulate a cute and warm environment, but all of them fail. We know that it is not that they are not clear about the concepts of warmth and happiness, but that they cannot understand their subjective and human nature. The robots are not completely autonomous, they depend on Grace. She doesn't have the same dates as Saeki, doesn't have the same experience.

When Saeki hears the song Grace made him happy with, he has the illusion of finding it. Grace is no longer the AI ​​Saeki knew. Vivy knows the recording doesn't have what she calls heart. This time, nothing prevents her from completing her mission, knowing that anyone who controls the island has no emotions. The answer is simple, without experience there is no awareness. The song on the recording is just an imposed data. We can affirm that music always has a memory when it affects us. A perfect execution of a song isn't really a performance if there is no passion to embody in it.

Vivy Fluorite eyes song
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Vivy's final takeaways: Fluorite Eye's Song

Vivy: Fluorite Eye's song inspires us with every chapter. Vivy's growth in the opening is incredible and perfectly reflects the arguments that make up the anime. The battles that animation gives us are a real glory. There is nothing to blame this anime. Each episode leaves no certainty about what to expect in the next. At each installment, I'm happier with the story. This last sacrifice showed us another side of Vivy, who can see that it is necessary to feel in order to put your heart into something that needs to be felt. The feelings are not out of the factory within us, we are the ones who make them ours with every step we take. Human life is full of chiaroscuro that enable us to create something.

I have no doubt that anyone who pondered this story, clearing the reason, conscience, and memory is insufficient to explain or define people. Human nature is made possible by emotions. Experience gives rise to reasons and motives to think about love, to suffer it and also to enjoy it. My favorite part of the opening is when Vivy is believed to be an admirer of everything a song can produce in a person. This admiration has enabled her to be a formidable singer.

Let's be happy and look forward to the second half of this anime, which is hands down one of the best of the season. Like every week, I'll be happy to read your comments and know what you think of this anime and its growth. Feel everything you want and have an exciting life.


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