This review on Vivy: The song of Fluorite Eye Chapters 7, 8 and 9 contain spoilers. If you don't want to have a bad time, it is better that you watch these episodes and then enjoy this review

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Chapter 7: Hymn of the Galaxy - May everyone be pleased with my singing

We don't know exactly how long it's been since Vivy was last with Matsumoto. We just know that nothing is like it was before. Diva is in full control of Vivy's mechanism and is ready to complete her only mission. Making people happy was an easy task for her, she is one of the most famous AIs in public. Matsumoto shows up to change her life again. You are now responsible for preventing Ofelia's suicide. An AI shouldn't commit suicide. Would someone really want to die so cute?

Chapter 8: Elegy Lovingly Dedicated - My Only Beloved Companion

Ophelia is an indecipherable AI. Diva doesn't help much in this mission, it seems that stubbornness is not a special and exclusive trait of Vivy. Except that anyone close to Ofelia cannot understand how an AI devoted to its mission would want to die. In this episode we see the harm bad company can do to us. Ofelia's partner crosses the line of madness to make her the best singer and embrace her identity. There is a cat involved in all of this, and in Chapter 9 we will know what happens.

Chapter 9: Harmony of Heart - My Mission Your Future

Diva has a new visitor from the past, he wants to remind her who he really is and why he can't just put Vivy aside. Now that we know Antonio has taken over Ophelia's identity and that he actually has full control over her, Matsumoto has to stop him. It is obvious that there will be no more suicide, now we are witnessing a really urgent murder. This chapter was one of the most entertaining of the entire season, and also one of the ones that can once again bring all the storylines into conflict.

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To be or not to be or to be who?

We are on a new mission thanks to Ofelia. This AI is a talented singer who has exactly the same mission as Diva. It is known in the human world that if you get caught up in a high level of nonsense, there is a high probability that you will commit suicide. But is suicide unique to humans? On many occasions some animal or insect species commit their self-sacrifice for simple and easy survival that escapes their individuality and means more of a common good. Humans take it for granted that it is only a position of misery and emptiness that makes them wish for death.

Vivy: Fluorite Eye's song gets us into trouble again if we believe AI suicide is possible for the same reasons a human might commit it. However, what we see in the journalistic notes showing Matsumoto Diva is just a more romantic interpretation of a reality that escapes human eyes. Ophelia isn't her, at least not in personality. Antonio grabs her body to accomplish his mission. So far we only have one AI sick with anger and frustration. While there is no such thing as suicide, there is more to the same or more problematic background.

Antonio has taken his partner hostage, as we believe out of anger. We admit that an AI is able to sense such emotions and we've already said why this can be problematic, but it doesn't feel either. The ambiguous language Antonio uses to refer to everything that happens makes us think he really is human, but it's just another program that accomplishes a desperate human's mission. Antonio and Ofelia reveal themselves at the end of the ninth chapter and answer any questions we had on our minds.

Final conclusions

Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song surprised us with three contiguous chapters that solved our questions about emotions, but also revealed something about human nature and poor judgment. If there is something that people should have in their ability to analyze and examine the facts and their multiple causes. The logical way Diva discovers the nature of Ofelia's "suicide" shows this. Interpretation is possible as long as we can stay out of ourselves.

The battles they gave us end with us putting a cherry on top of the cake which this anime is. The mastery and genius with which animation is carried away through musicalization is beyond compare. In order for a work to connect with its audience, it shouldn't be just entertainment. The success of this anime lies in its storylines, as I mentioned in a few comments, and in its ability to manage the emotions of its viewers with its visual design, movement, and musicalization.

As we watch this anime grow episode by episode, we can only see one masterpiece that is quite promising. The chat invitation is still open. Knowing what they were thinking and what bothers them about this anime is important in order to get a fuller picture of what is happening to their audience and what their interpretation is. For those of you who have followed the anime from the start, I would like to know if they believe the arcs are growing and how they connect them. Three weeks have passed and others will pass. So be happy and enjoy this little gem with me.


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