This review of Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song Chapter 3 contains spoilers. If you don't want to have a bad time, it is better that you watch this episode and then enjoy this review.

Vivy: The song of Fluorite Eye

Chapter 3: Gentle Moon Pace - A Pleasant Conversation with the Stars

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The third episode of Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song is even better than the first two episodes. In this chapter, it has been 15 years since our wonderful diva and Matsumoto saved the senator's life. None of this was enough to stop the AI ​​war. Now Diva has to embark on a journey to the most incredible hotel in space, the sunrise. This hotel is in space and the mission of the world's most sentimental AI is to stop Estella, the hotel's new manager and her younger sister, from crashing it to earth. Everything is complicated because Diva has been unable to get the meaning of the phrase "Put the Heart" out of her mind, an analysis that begins the chapter and that illustrates quite well the development of her reasoning.

Concept meaning

The meaning of the words is out of the concept. The concept is just the grammatical usage with which a word should be used. We started chapter three with a visit to Diva; Every day her show has more visits and happy viewers, but it's still not enough for our protagonist. She has the picture of her little friend in mind and this is accompanied by the phrase "sing with the heart". Diva asks him about the meaning of the word "heart" in this sentence, which turns him around. The answer is obvious, it's just a play on words that we humans usually use to say that something that is really moving must have a feeling. All of this is still abstract.

Some people don't believe in the meaning of poetry and they do it well, it doesn't really make sense. The puns that exist in literature; Worse still, the harmony games that exist in music relate to such random and accidental things that somehow they always manage to move us when we have a picture of what the poet or the musician-interpreter means. The arts are so random that not all people can understand what their hermeneutics is hiding. It is easy for AIs to shock, but not experience it, as some people do.

Concept meaning
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Cosmic accident

Vivy: Fluorite Eye's song took us into space to further illustrate what puns are. Diva is convinced that the delicate Estella cannot be the cause of the crash of the hotel against the earth. Matsumoto doesn't discuss her doubts, but she reserves the facts like good AI. Although there are thousands of reasons or facts, Diva becomes Vivy and defends her younger sister to give her the benefit of the doubt. Diva is a smart and bold AI, but she can't help but try to reinforce her doubts. She enters Estella's room and asks about the previous owner. She boldly responds to her death, adding something quite interesting as Diva analyzes the stats on the danger of space:

β€œThey use the statistics to calculate whether it is dangerous. People are also aware of this, but people who experience space for the first time are following in its footsteps. The idea of ​​what is dangerous, what is beautiful, fades and they are on their trail. The old owner used to say that this is the cosmos in action. "

Estella, Vivy: Fluorite Eyes Song

Estella manages to define emotions and their meaning for people in orderly accidents, which are necessary to feel alive. She knows Vivy is too sentimental and ultimately defines what it means to put your heart into something by saying it's about doing what you should and being happy for it. Diva has no doubt that Estella is able to "love" what she does and that she couldn't crash the hotel. Once the alarm goes off and the guests panic, Estella sings for them, making them think about what the universe feels like and why they visited the hotel. An excellent way to end this chapter.

cosmic accident
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Vivy's final takeaways: Fluorite Eye's Song

After delighting us with her wonderful peace and tenderness, Estella puts the cherry on the cake as soon as we see her murdering an employee with whom she had a rather suggestive conversation. Not only does this closure leave us the puzzle on the surface, but it also teaches us that it is better to be a little more suspicious. We must not anticipate the outcome of this mission. The truth is that Diva doesn't usually make good decisions every time she is carried away by the abstractness of her conclusions or feelings. The advances the AI ​​made after rescuing the Senator are testament to this. Thanks to Vivy's moving speeches, the Senator could believe that AIs couldn't just be servants. Her progress lies in her ability to show and experience emotions, that is Estella's secret; knows exactly what to say and what harmonies to use.

I will wait for the next chapter and also for the comments of those who have decided to continue this 100 year journey with me. This anime is definitely going to be a hit; The animation, the music and the actions that are so well connected make an incredible job. Don't miss the next review, let alone the next chapter.


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