The relationship between Sasuke and Itachi was very complicated. The older brother has decided to secretly start one of the bloodiest massacres Narutoto exterminate the entire clan, but leave only the younger brother alive. This caused various problems in the life of Sasuke, who always aimed to get revenge.

The Uchiha clan massacre was indeed the culmination of a sick relationship between Madara's descendants and the rest of the village. However, this didn't affect Itachi's and Sasuke's relationship, at least initially. The two were very close, even if the older brother often had to travel for days because of the secret missions he had to fulfill. To apologize, he often patted his little brother's forehead with his index and middle fingers. What does this gesture mean in Naruto?

Basically, there is no particularly deep meaning behind this Itachi gesture. It only really mattered in one moment, that is, the moment of his death. To stop Tobi's plans, Itachi stamps a seal on Sasuke with this gesture so that his eye can use an Amaterasu when he sees Naruto's enemy.

The gesture was then used a few more times, first by Itachi, who was revived during the Fourth Great Ninja War, and then by Sasuke to Sakura, with the younger brother, who then inherited the loving gesture.

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