The complicated time that a group of industries has been experiencing for almost a year due to the pandemic due to the spread of COVID 19 has also impacted Japanese animation, causing production interruption or postponement of many anime series and resulting films from numerous Franchises, including falls Sailor Moon.

Originally scheduled for September, the film Sailor Moon Eternal recently hit Japanese cinemas and thanks to the film is already enjoying moderate success Return of the historical original voice, like Kotono Mitsuishi, Usagi's voice, and while those who have already seen him wait for the second part coming February 11th, they have been heralded as a surprise the official protective masks of the series.

At the bottom of the page are the promotional images shared on Twitter from the series' official account that featured the three models of this particular line of products Transformation, Crystal Star and Cosmic Heart versions. For anyone looking to purchase these masks, each model costs around $ 10.

Recall that the film's release was recently celebrated with a fun cosplay, and we'll let you find out why Mercury and Neptune both have hydropower.

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