Toei Animation decided to do this a few years ago completely renew the staff dedicated to ONE PIECE. Its flagship anime has brought in animators, directors, and directors who have greatly increased the quality of the series, which is often known for its pointless stretches and boring pacing, as well as its unepic fights.

All of that changed during the Wano saga and showed up in almost every episode. The decision to completely change the stylistic direction of the ONE PIECE anime has borne fruit, especially during an epic saga like this one, full of thrilling battles, epic clashes and more. Once again, the director has succeeded current episode 1049 of ONE PIECE.

In the final phase of the episode, Yamato, in human form, prepares to hit Kaido with one of his attacks. Involuntarily, at the same time, Momonosuke appears from the sky in a giant pink dragon version, and on his back is apparently Luffy, the protagonist with the straw hat. The latter immediately activates the Gear Fourth version of Snakeman and launches an attack on Kaido, which comes as a result hit by two shots at once. The scene prepared by Akihiro Ota went around the web and certainly didn't go unnoticed.

"God's work", "outstanding", "amazing animation" and so many more are i positive feedback you read on Twitter. Elon Musk's social network always sees a concentration of fans smitten with the quality peaks that ONE PIECE anime achieves, and below you can observe some collected reactions. And that's not all: we have to wait for ONE PIECE 1050 and another phase of the important fight between Luffy and Kaido.

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