Nico Robin, also known as "Demon Child", is a character from the popular manga and anime ONE PIECE. Luffy met her on his journey through the Alabasta saga, the crocodile-plagued land that Bibi wanted to free. And it is the very enemy organization that Nico Robin belonged to.

Nico Robin is a member of the Straw Hat crew and is portrayed as a mysterious woman with a troubled past. She ate the Fior Fior Devil Fruit, so her power lies in the ability to summon parts of her body to different locations, making her a valuable ally for the crew in battle, both for direct engagements and long-range support. And he recently proved that again in one of the last episodes of ONE PIECE takes place in Onigashima.

In the series, Robin shows her demonic form, known as Demon Fleur, to face the fearsome Black Maria, one of the six Tobi Roppo in Kaido's service. The toughest phase of the fight dates back to ONE PIECE episode 1044, with Nico Robin inevitably having to resort to his new technique. This form makes them appear more menacing and powerful, with pointed demon ears and fiery red eyes, not to mention fearsome wings and horns, and a ruddy, hellish complexion. Thanks to this move, he was able to end another fight between Mugiwara and Tobi Roppo and bring his crew closer to victory.

Capulet has decided to pay homage to the crew's archaeologist and make it clear why she is called a "demon child". In his shot posted on Instagram, his is presented Cosplay of Nico Robin in the Demon Fleur versionwith ruddy skin, long black hair, horns and wings, for a terrifying yet beautiful and unique overall look.

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