In which Chapter 355 of My Hero Academia, All For One may have been stopped by its main strength. The numerous quirks he possesses seem to have rebelled against their treacherous master.

As we saw in the cases of Midoriya, Aoyama, or Dabi, overuse of one's Quirk can lead to physical injury. However, this had never happened before A quirk ignores its user's commands and actually opposed it.

After Endeavor is wounded and stunned, All For One turns its murderous attention to Hawks. However, number two is saved by thetimely and bold intervention by Jiro and Tokoyami. Even three to one, the symbol of fear prevails, terribly maims Jiro and stops the attacks of the two flying heroes.

All For One is sure to win, and provokes the heroes by accusing them of being too weak, but at this point the situation is dramatically reversed. In Chapter 355 of My Hero Academia, Jiro unleashes his best shot, but even that doesn't make the enemy flinch.

But suddenly, after this blow, All For One is stopped by the original remains of the Quirks he stole. The spiritual manifestation of all the innocent people who have suffered violence stops the villain who is held for a few moments. That single moment of hesitation is enough for Hawks to deliver the final blow to All For One's hard hat.

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