Like many works on the manga market ONE PIECE Given the cultural proximity between the two countries, he has numerous references to various mythologies, particularly those of Japan and China. Lately he seems to have discovered another source of inspiration for the character of Boa Hancock.

As many of you actually know, the mighty Hancock, captain of the Kuja pirates, played a fairly important role several times during the adventures of Luffy and his companions, and it has been clear since his first appearance Reference to two figures of mythology and myths of Western culture. Indeed, thanks to the power of the Devil's Fruit, Mero Mero is able to turn to stone anyone who falls victim to his charm, an aspect that is common to him jellyfish from Greek mythology, one of the three Gorgons, a name also used to denote the sisters of Boa themselves.

She also lives on an island exclusively inhabited by women, an experience that also brings her closer Goddess Calypso, with whom he also shares an immediate infatuation with a hero who is not impressed by his beauty, namely Luffy for Boa and Ulysses for Calypso. It is precisely the lack of reciprocated feelings that defines the final mythological figure that seems to have some traits in common with the Piratessa, this time it is the one Kiyohime.

As described in the post at the bottom of the page shared by @ItsLoudB on Reddit, this possible source of inspiration comes straight from Japanese mythology and is depicted as ""a woman who turns into a demon serpent because of the anger that arose from unrequited love ". It is pointless to underline Boa Hancock's attachment to snakes. Just think of the name and her faithful Salome.

What do you think of this particular discovery? Let us know with a comment below. We also remember that Zoro used a powerful technique that was stolen in the last episode, and we leave you to the leaderboard dedicated to the fleet of seven.

While studying Japanese folklore, I came across the figure of Kiyohime. I didn't see anyone pointing this out so I thought it might be interesting! The painting of the Kiyohime actually looks a lot like Hancock! by r / OnePiece

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