The war against the villains that is taking place in My Hero Academia has required an exceptional deployment of forces by the heroes, who have also been forced to ask for support from Yuei students and all those who have a temporary hero license. This is no wonder if it is Gran Torino also appeared in the ranks.

The hero we met during the Stain arc once again proves that he is fundamental and simultaneously parallels him clash between All for One and All Might in Kamino. In chapter 275 of My Hero Academia recently released, Deku and Bakugo were heading to Shigaraki to act as bait. However, the villain's power is too high for them and if it had not been for the lightning strike of Gran Torino, probably the young people would have left us their feathers.

The way the old hero intervened recalls that of Kamino, when All Might, after suffering some attacks from All for One, was saved by Gran Torino who intervened in an extremely similar way.

For now Shigaraki is out of Midoriya's reach due to the upgrade with All for One, but Gran Torino knows that they are not the only ones to fight this important battle for the fate of the society of My Hero Academia.

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