In January last year, the Russian court ruled on applications for a total ban on some anime series made by some institutions for the protection of minors in 2020. After several months of back and forth, the Krasnogvardejskij court in St. Petersburg took action Formalization of the Isekai Anime ban.

Institutional inquiries were mainly directed to violent or pornographic series, including Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul, Elfen Lied or Interspecies Reviewers. The Russian court analyzed the allegations and decided to remove the series from just a few locations A final decision would only be made after hearing the opinion.

We read that in the last press release from the court The ban will come from the Isekai souls, classified as dangerous due to problems that "lead to the suicide of the youngest" and "may convince viewers of the existence of rebirth after death". The decision was made in agreement with some graduates and industry experts and is therefore considered irrevocable.

KonoSuba stands out among the series mentionedThe court describes it as "an anime that promotes an unbridled lifestyle of alcohol, sexual intercourse and illegal activities that is only obtainable after the loss of one's life and as opposed to real loneliness". Other banned series include Vita da Slime, Zombie Land Saga, and many other successful anime.

The ban will take effect immediately, but for now, some isekai series will still be available on a handful of official websites, subject to registration and age verification. It is not yet clear whether this is a temporary measure or not, but the "Roskomnadzor" or the Russian Federal Service for Supervision in the Field of Liaison and Mass Communication, reserves the right to ban the series at any time. New information on the topic will be published in the summer.

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