Over time, the franchise of Dragon Ball Super he relentlessly approaches the need for a change, perhaps dedicating a narrative arc entirely to Gohan. The saiyan, in fact, originally planned to become the new protagonist, was finally relegated to a mere role of secondary character.

Yet, even today the son of Goku continues to enjoy a moderate success within the Dragon Ball communities, thanks to that ancient epic manifestation at the time of the Cell saga. And in honor of that narrative arc, a fan, a certain BossTseng, wanted to make the young man Gohan the real protagonist of the battle against Molo, the powerful sorcerer who is putting the iconic duo composed of Goku and Vegeta into difficulty.

The graphic representation in question, which you can admire at the bottom of the news, resulted in an extraordinary fan-made manga, in which the young warrior takes part in the fight inspired by the clash with Cell. In this regard, in fact, it is interesting to note the care of the artist who wanted to insert some inside the tables quotes from Dragon Ball Z.

The work was particularly appreciated by fans, who have long been waiting to see the Saiyan at the center of events and not relegated to a supporting role. In your opinion, however, does Gohan deserve a spin-off series entirely focused on him? Tell us your opinion about it, as usual, in the space reserved below.

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