Capcom and Netflix have announced this Resident Evil Infinite Darkness As previously announced, it will be available simultaneously worldwide from July 8th in midsummer.

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness is a 3D CGI series based on the horror saga of the same name Able to sell over 100 million copies from 1996 to date. Infinite Darkness is a series produced and supervised by Hiroyuki Kobayashi (producer of several Resident Evil games) in association with TMS Entertainment and Quebico under the supervision of Kei Miyamoto, producer of Resident Evil Vendetta in 2017.

The Netflix series tells the story of Leon and Claire (respectively voiced by Nick Apostolides and Stephanie Panisello, who are already working in Resident Evil 2 Remake), are committed to solving a mystery surrounding the White House. While Leon investigates a series of hacker attacks and data thefts that he catapulted amid a zombie apocalypse, Claire instead becomes obsessed with drawing a child that appears to depict victims of an infection of unknown origin.

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness is a canon series, so it will be 100% part of the multiverse. "classic"from Resident Evil, In addition to the canon for the saga, there is also the film Resident Evil Vendetta, whose author Key Miyamoto is also involved in the creation of Infinite Darkness.

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