In order to answer the Eden College questionnaire, Loid Foger had to propose to the beautiful Yor Briar. The newly married couple from Spy x family, but has a parallel life that nobody knows about. What if one day they compete against each other?

The adaptation of Tatsuya Endo's spy comedy led viewers to discover what could happen in a possible confrontation between the twoSecret Agent Twilight and Killer Thorn Princess. But why did the two spouses quarrel?

After discovering the test results in Spy x Family 1x05, Anya is celebrated with a family dinner that includes Frankie. Loid's informant brings drinks, unaware that Yor does not tolerate alcohol very well. After just one drink, the housewife is drunk.

As a reward for passing the first exam, Anya asks her father for it replay an episode of your favorite show. With the help of Frankie and the agency, Loid rents an entire castle. As if that wasn't enough, all available spies are recruited to take part in the staging.

Loid, as Bondman the spy, confronts all his colleagues so he can save Princess Anya, who is trapped in the castle by the evil Frankie. But before he can save the little girl, "Loidman" has to fight with her the drunk witch Yor, who is bent on keeping the beautiful baby all to herself. In the Spy x Family special video, Yor tortures Loid with his powerful kicks, but only to fall to the ground in an alcohol-induced sleep. Who do you think would come out on top in a real and uncompromising challenge between the two?

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