The Immortal Hulk is nearing its graduation and, considering that moment, Marvel Comics has released a new teaser for the penultimate volume of the acclaimed comic book series. Written by Al Ewing and illustrated by Joe Bennet, The immortal hulk he redefined the character and the mythology behind him.

Marvel Comics announced that on August 4th, The Immortal Hulk # 49 will lay the foundation for a really epic newest band. This conclusion will bring together all of the new points of view that the author has introduced into Bruce Banner's life.

""It's finally time to admit it. Immortal Hulk has reached the end of the story we want to tell. ", has Said Ewing. ""Issue 49 will be a definitive account of his life in time for a definitive edition that you must read to believe. "

""The Hulk is, I believe, the most limitless character Marvel has. I don't do anything that Steve Gerber or Steve Englehart didn't do. I am following the Marvel traditions of the 70s. The editors made me do things my way wonderfully and Bennet was wonderful as an art collaborator. There have been times when I thought I went too far on certain things, but I'm very happy about that. ".

Earlier this year, Immortal Hulk was accused of anti-Semitism. Let's find out why. Meanwhile, Marvel Comics announced Immortal She-Hulk.

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