Painting collector's miniatures like those from Warhammer is a hobby that requires patience, precision, and time, three basic requirements that the artist Ma-Man taught in his new work. Here is his bespoke version of that wonderful figure from ONE PIECE.

Anyone who has tried to paint a collector's miniature knows well. Customizing a statuette is one very difficult job That costs a lot of time and commitment. However, the results are priceless and Japanese artist MA-Man seems to have a crystal clear talent in the hobby.

As you can see from the tweet at the end of the article, MA-Man took a beautiful ONE PIECE figure as a subject and adapted it to improve greatly. When the artist goes to work, he applies a two-dimensional aesthetic that makes it seem like the statue is a scene from the anime. At first glance, it's hard to believe that this is a collector's item and not a frame from an anime.

MA-Man's latest work is a character of Roronoa Zoro in samurai clothing worn in Wano Country. After repainting the statue has totally changed its connotations, with much sharper colors and a much sharper contrast. This is just one of many adjustments. You can admire numerous other works on his YouTube channel, including models from Dragon Ball and Demon Slayer.

And what do you think of this type of work? Do you prefer these custom versions or the original models? A mysterious domain has appeared on the internet, a new ONE PIECE film appears to be coming. Then the new synchronized episodes of ONE PIECE will be published.

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