ONE PIECE has entered the final phase of the manga and Eiichiro Oda wanted to make it clear right away. The abandoned Wano, the Straw Hat crew, ventured back into the world in this Grand Line that will take them to Laugh Tale. But the mangaka has chosen to focus heavily on this world, with some surprises.

The mysterious Im-sama has made his move, the world government and navy are certainly not standing still, and Sabo is back too, although his fate is unknown. The Emperors and their crews wreak havoc, and ONE PIECE has chosen to be one of them. Surprisingly, Trafalgar Law faces Blackbeard. A battle on a remote island that will decide the fate of the pirate captain's heart.

ONE PIECE 1064 will focus on their fight. It wouldn't make sense to suddenly change the scenario and leave everything in limbo, and this would also allow you to check out Blackbeard's crew's new powers. Obviously, given the situation, Law is in grave danger and at a severe disadvantage in numbers and strength. However, he may have a plan that will at least get him out with no casualties.

ONE PIECE 1064 will be released on MangaPlus on Sunday October 23rd.

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