The All Nippon Esthetic Association (AEA) released a two minute animated short film entitled Junenbun no Watashi he (For 10 years by me) to demonstrate the essence of the beautician profession for those considering a career after high school or college. APARTMENT STUDIO, founded by a renowned illustrator Ioundrawtook part in animation production.

The video shows the attractiveness and the possibilities of the beautician's work through the ten-year relationship between two girls. Queen Ueda (Kanao Tsuyuri in Kimetsu no yaiba) Y. Rie Takahashi (Megumin's voice comes in KonoSuba!) participated as the voices of Saki and Umi who continue to realize their dreams.

Junenbun no Watashi he synopsis

Saki is a girl who is not sure. One day her best friend Umi tells her about her dream of becoming a model. Sake then wonders what her own dream is and chooses a career in the beauty business to support her best friend. Over the years, sake continued her inferiority complex, but continued to support Umi.

In the summer of the tenth year, Umi finally fulfills her dream and when she goes on stage Saki stays behind and looks at her back. However, Umi told her something she could never have imagined, and it was a message that forced the last ten years of Saki's life: "No, Saki, you are the one who managed to change me."

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